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Forum theatre with young authors of violence

For the 4th year the Ministry of Justice asked us to launch a project with young offenders on gender. The goal is to undo gender and de-construct a culture of transgression, violence and agressivity that often imposes to young males, allowing participants to find out how and where they have build roles that get them …


Training on prevention of sexual abuses in Rome

A training on one of the most difficult oppressions to face with. Great experts on the issue, from Milan, will bring us the games they use to work with hundreds of classes every year, throughout Italy. We believe that complex themes can be tackled and oppression can be prevented with simple games, social metaphors and …


In the grey zones of consensus, Forum Theatre at United Nations

For the fourth consecutive year, the World Food Program in Rome asked us about training on harassment and consensus, at work but also in everyday life. We will use Forum Theater to explore the grey areas of consensus, the moments when a woman is not able or cannot say NO to a person who harasses her. …


Theatre of the Oppressed training in Beirut

In June Kafa will start a collaboration with Parteciparte. Kafa is a Lebanese NGO struggling to dismantle and overcome prostitution and exploitation of women in Lebanon. This training aims to map Kafa’s struggles and to understand where TO could be useful in raising awareness, creating solidarity, changing policies, laws, and culture that make possible the …


Legislative Theatre at the ITC-ILO in Turin

The UN’s International Training Center of the ILO has decided to launch a Campaign on Harassment using the Theatre of the Oppressed. The goal of this Campaign is to bring together all the Staff of the campus in order to define together all the issues that have to be tackled and the best procedures to …


We are the difference

What is the culture that allows men to be violent, (p)ossessive with women? This project, implemented in collaboration with CPA, Maschile Plurale and Tetto, will investigate the sexist cultural context where we live, trying to understand what can allow some of the crimes committed by minors. Stalking, sexual violences, abuses: how can we deconstruct the …


Forum Theatre training on harassment at the UN

What is harassment? when is it harassment when not? how do you handle it? how do you support a victim of harassment? how do you spot a harasser? Does gender play a role? What is the difference between harassment and sexual harassment? Through games and theatre we will tackle all these questions trying to find out …