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Forum Theatre on masculinities in prison

Our show on several forms of male violence (physical, sexual, psychological one) will go to Regina Coeli prison, involving the inmates who committed crimes related to sexual violence. This show was born in 2013, in that prison, in that section, to address the prisoners’s needs to train themselves on how to face certain challenges they …


At the root of sexual violence, forum theatre at WFP

For the fifth consecutive year Parteciparte collaborates to the UN 16 days of Activism campaign against Gender based violence with the training “At the root of sexual violence”. The training is designed to facilitate an in-depth analysis of GBV, particularly sexual violence, focusing on the cultural and social norms that encourage and condone violence, imposing …


Forum Theatre on gender violence in Paris

For the second year we will go to the ILO International Training Center in Paris to deepen the work on violence with the Municipality and people who work there, from the gardener to the councilors. How to recognize subtle sexism and forms of violence and how to deal with them? These are the questions we …


Forum theatre with survivors of sexual violence

How can we address the stigma of sexual violence in our own community? What is the rape culture and how can we combat it? How can forum theatre facilitate the women’s advocacy work on sexual violence at national and international level? How can it be used to shape powerful messages and advocate for effective policies? …


Forum theatre on work with perpatrators of sexual violence in Creta

How to work on sexual violence in intimate relationships? How to raise awareness and which tools should be used to work with the perpatrators? These are the questions we will face with theatrical games and exercises. We will stage the challenges faced by the participants, who work with abusive men. This training will take place …


Training on prevention of sexual abuses in Rome

A training on one of the most difficult oppressions to face with. Great experts on the issue, from Milan, will bring us the games they use to work with hundreds of classes every year, throughout Italy. We believe that complex themes can be tackled and oppression can be prevented with simple games, social metaphors and …


In the grey zones of consensus, Forum Theatre at United Nations

For the fourth consecutive year, the World Food Program in Rome asked us about training on harassment and consensus, at work but also in everyday life. We will use Forum Theater to explore the grey areas of consensus, the moments when a woman is not able or cannot say NO to a person who harasses her. …


Forum Theatre on sexual harassment in Rome and Naples

Our forum theatre on sexual harassment will start touring again inviting audiences to intervene in a play about abuse of power. How can we dismantle the blackmail system that asks women to offer their body to get a contract or some rights, or sometimes a miser job? How can we get a world of work …


The Grey areas of consent at the WFP

For the 3rd year the World food Program has asked Parteciparte to provide a training on Gender Based Violence. After our invisible theatre on Mansplaining in 2015, 4 workshops on Gender Stereotypes, this year we will facilitate 5 workshops on Sexual Harassment called: The grey areas of consent. What is Sexual Harassment, how do you …


Forum Theatre in Hanoi, Vietnam

The ITC_ILO (UN) and Fair Wear Foundation are organizing a Gender Forum to involve policy makers, civil society, trade unions to discuss and explore through theatre Gender Based Violence in the world of work and in particular in the supply chains. Which laws should be implemented, which changes should be advocaded for? What should be …

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