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Parteciparte works in network with different organizations and people engaged on human rights, promoting sharing and discussion on specific issues, connections and the creation of a community of people.

In particular we are very connected to:

Maschile Plurale: Group of associations of men committed to ending the patriarchal model, in favor of open, plural and positive masculinities.
LeNove: Association of very experienced researchers on the issues of violence against women, gender gaps in the labour market, and work/life balance.

Important references for our work are:

CISMAI: Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuses
– “CEDAW: Works in progress“: the Italian civil society Platform that promotes the CEDAW Convention as a tool for the advancement of women’s rights in Italy and in the world
Educating for Differences: a bottom-up initiative to support public and secular School and to promote an education based on difference as a value and a resource, not as a problem or a threat.

Over the years we have collaborated with:

ASL RMA Roma Centro, SERT e DSM dell’ASL RMH e RMF
BeFree Cooperative
C.A.DO.M. – Women’s Centre against violence
CeSPI – Centre for Politics and International Studies
CIES – Center for Development Education and Information
CIRPS – Interuniversity Research Centre on Sustainable Development
CISP – International Committee for the Development of Peoples
Consumers Movement
Dedalus Cooperative
The Department of Gender studies, London School of Economics and Political Science
The Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts Department of Roma Tre University
Donne in Genere – Centro Donna L.I.S.A.
– European Institute for Gender Equality
FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization
Pangea Foundation
G.U.S. Human Solidarity Group Salento
ITC-ILO – International Training Centre of  the International Labour Organization
L’Albero di Antonia
Le Kassandre
Lucha y Siesta
Nuovo Maschile – Men free from violence
On the road
Research and Cooperation NGO
Save the Children
WFP – World Food Programme
WICAS Lutheran World Federation