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What we do

Forum theatre performances: To try change
Enables to explore an oppression collectively
Audience tries change in a safe and creative framework
Proposals based on concrete trials are collected and shared

Workshops: To root change
To explore an issue with a group
To create a performance
To root collective and creative practices

Trainings: To multiply change
On issues: to learn how to work collectively on a difficult issue
On tools: to learn how to use creative tools triggering change

We also offer:

Theatrical assemblies for short but very intense events, works with big numbers, very good for important or emergency issues to be tackled collectively.
4 times we have staged gender roles with about 150 participants from 50 countries in 2-4 hours for the ITC-ILO (UN). Video

Participatory budgeting to allow everybody to take part in complex public decision making, and to save money…
We have facilitated parts of Rome 9th District Participatory Budget in 2008

Theatrical reports to stage important reports, texts and make them interactive and accessible to anybody.
We have staged the Gender Equality Index of the European Union for the London School of Economics

Theatrical investigation to explore a topic and get lively and unique information through theatre
For 3 years we have been working with the Engineering Department of the University of Rome and Dar es Salam using theatre to explore with Communities how they were affected by climate change, how they were facing the problem, and what policies they were expecting. Video

Online trainings for short, distant, intense and fun training on a strong oppression. To be considered only if there is no other option.
We have trained trainers who Work With Perpetrators of violence on women and children (WWP-EN) to provide them with tools and allow them to rehearse new strategies.

Theatrical supervision to stage your work/group, to define necessary changes and to rehearse them together.