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Do you need playful tools to tackle sensitive issues?

We have some trainings focusing on sensitive issues.

Others more dedicated to the techniques used to tackle oppression.

In any case we can organize something specific to your needs.

Feel free to contact us for any question!

Those are the most requested Trainings:
  • Image Theatre
  • Forum Theatre
  • Invisible Theatre
  • Legislative Theatre
  • Facilitation/Jokering
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Political work through games

Image Theatre

Through image theatre, bodies are used to express oppression. No words are being used. Our bodies tell us faster where abuse of power lies. This very useful technique is much appreciated since it allows anyone to express an issue without exposing oneself. Bodies are sculpted thus telling a story other people will have to guess. Participants explore difficult issues through a very simple technique. All have a say.

Many problem solving options with Image Theatre, transition plans, ideals to be reached, map of the conflicts on a territory, in an organization. Best responses to be promoted. Image theatre offers many opportunities. For more information contact us!

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is a performance where the audience can intervene to change an unhappy ending story.

In this Training participants have the opportunity to create Forum Theatre performances based on the story of some participants. This allows them to understand how a true story can engage people in a political process. How do you provoke constructive reactions and stimulate intervention when you have been victim of injustice.

If participants agree, a final performance will be organized.

For more advanced groups or highly motivated people a performance can be created for a future tour.

Invisible Theatre

Invisible Theatre is a performance happening in a public space where people are not aware theatre is being used to trigger participation on tricky issues. This technique is not meant to manipulate people. Theatre is being used to raise a clear question where everybody will have an opportunity to take action. The goal is to stimulate intervention on issues that people often don’t know how to tackle. Here again Theatre allows to give a protected framework where mistake has no cost.

This training will allow participants to create an invisible theatre performance and to experience it at least one time. This will give them an idea of the opportunities and challenges of this instrument.

Participants will also discover the different ways to use Invisible Theatre.

For more advanced groups or highly motivated people a performance can be created to be toured massively.


How do you stimulate a group? How do you trigger participation through questions without giving answers. How do you handle difficult groups, tricky issues, manipulated contexts, violent or risky situations.

Participants will explore many of the facilitator’s skills: active listening, parroting, mirroring, questioning, facilitating and get first experiences with feed back

Political work through games

This training allows to discover many games and the way to use them in a political process. Wether you have to handle a strong conflict, to facilitate a difficult process, to teach Political Sciences or History through games, if you want people to understand what it means to live in prison or in a war torn country, or  you want them to define a transition plan from war to peace there is always a game to make it more easy. If you believe hard work can be done having fun and if you don’t fear a playful atmosphere, then this Training is for you or your people, contact us!

  • Gender based Violences
  • Masculinities
  • Sexual Abuses
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Trans-Culture
  • Migrations
  • Addictions
  • Burn-out

Contact us for more details!

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