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Valentina Bertini – Councilor for Social Policies and Equal Opportunities of Vicopisano

“Yesterday was one of the most beautiful moments of my term. I say this also on behalf of the women friends who were there (and they were not few). Thank you from the Council of Equal Opportunities. Having actively participated in the show to try to change the end of the story, I reflected on what I did wrong in the intervention during the following days … This is to say that this type of initiative makes you reflect on the actions to be taken even in the days following the show. My vote: 100 and praise”


Alessio – Artist

“Thank you for your show, it was an opportunity for reflection, debate and an incentive for action, with the help of a little training done together. It was good to do it while having fun. Well done! Long live theatre of the oppressed!”


Fabiana – Training participant in Rome

“Thanks very much to Claudia for the masterful ability of group management, for the extreme generosity in transferring all her knowledge to each of us as much as possible, for welcoming and leaving the door open and even the engines already on to start again together. It is not common.”


Nuruddin – Training participant in Mogadishu, Somalia

“Olivier was masterful as a facilitator. He let us learn from each other inviting us to step forward and step back, he created spaciousness and reflection when that was clearly needed, and provided challenge at other times. I appreciated his open self-reflection and greatly appreciate the anti-oppression lens. His sensitivity, sense of humor, compassion, and transparency about his own process was an inspiration.”


Virginia – lawyer

“Parteciparte I love you! As always, your performances never end the same evening. They just never finish. They continue in the heart and mind of those who participate and this is good and hurts at the same time. It hurts to see how hard the struggle against injustice, violence and ignorance is; how difficult it all is and how we can all be fallacious, even with the best intentions. It is good, because we learn and we realize that we are not alone. Thank you!”


Nuovo Maschile Association

“Great forum theatre experience with the company Parteciparte in the city of Pisa. We learned a lot from the political work they do with so much passion and dedication. For our association these were days of great commitment but immense pleasure. Rich days of exchange and reflection. THANK YOU! We hope to be able to do so many other exciting projects together!”


Fabiola – teacher

“Today, while I was going back home from school, I thought about all the courses and classes I did. I realized that if I learned a bit about working in class and how to get out from so many critical and absurdly chaotic or conflicting moments thanks to a creative epiphany… I owe it to you, Parteciparte!”