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Engage many people in little time!
If you want to trigger change and transformation in the community we have many performances to offer, from invisible theatre to forum theatre. We also brought on stage some international reports or convention in order to make them accessible to anybody and to stimulate interaction with it. For more information contact us!

How does a performance work

Forum Theatre is a performance where the audience can intervene to change a story. An unhappy ending story.

First people see the play. At the end a facilitator starts a dialogue with the audience to trigger participation and decide if the story could change. If the audience considers the story unveils real oppression and if people believe this kind of injustice should not be accepted anymore, then the story starts again.

This time the audience can stop it when they believe change could happen. The facilitator stimulates and invites people to step in the play to try their ideas and proposals in a protected framework. Actors interact and show the consequences of any intervention. The audience assesses the progress and the risks. At the end participants collectively decide which actions should be started after the end of the performance. 

We have several videos if you want to see it. If you are interested see our list of Performances. We have many ready performances but we can create one for your very specific needs. Feel comfortable to contact us!

List of our performances

  • Amore Mio: Forum Theatre on Gender Based Violence
  • Uomini che ci provano: Forum Theatre on men trying to live out of Patriarchy
  • The Other Stranger: Legislative Theatre on migrations and racism
  • Sacro Bullo: Forum Theatre on bullying and education
  • Game Over: Forum Theatre on technology addiction
  • L’Orsacchiotta: Forum Theatre on Children and Gender Stereotypes
  • Un figlio per sbaglio: Forum Theatre on reproductive health
  • A neutral School: Legislative Theatre about Education at the time of youporn
  • Let me tell you: Invisible Theatre on Menterruption/Mansplaining: How men control women in public events
  • Is it mine?: Invisible Theatre on men and contraception
  • From Caves to pharmacies: Invisible theatre about men and contraception
  • She is mine!: Invisible Theatre on stalking
  • Love and Faith: Invisible Theatre on lesbophobia
  • Light is shadow: Theatrical version of the CEDAW Shadow report: Theatrical powerpoint about Women’s Rights in Italy
  • 52: a number on Stage: Theatrical Powerpoint on the Gender Equality Index in the European Union
  • Flash: Forum Theatre on addcition
  • Da Paura: Forum Theatre about fear and the control of women through media
  • Una bella promozione: Forum Theatre about sexual harassment
  • To be or not to be MOTHER: Forum Theatre about challenges and stereotypes on motherhood and non-motherhood