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Workshops with minors with gender crimes

For the fourth year, the Ministry of Justice has asked us to work on scripts that favor gender-related crimes, with Maschile Plurale association. The 36-hours project will allow us to work on toxic identities, on scripts inherited by the family. For those who have acted violence, we will work on the motivation to change, accountability …


Training for male political leaders in Rome

This training on inclusive leadership aims at engaging male political leaders as transformative agents of change for gender equality. Forum theatre allows participants to recognize the impact of gender norms not only on the lives of women but on their own lives as well. How fewer women in politics affect public policies and the economy? …


Training on theatre of the oppressed in Florence

CAM Florence was the first Italian organization working with men who perpetrated violence against women. In 2009, after years of patient work with abusers, national and international networks were created with people working with perpetrators, a tough job. How can theatre of the oppressed contribute to this work? Since 2013 Parteciparte has been specializing in …


Forum theatre with young authors of violence

For the 4th year the Ministry of Justice asked us to launch a project with young offenders on gender. The goal is to undo gender and de-construct a culture of transgression, violence and agressivity that often imposes to young males, allowing participants to find out how and where they have build roles that get them …


Forum Theatre on Power at FAO

Who has the power to make and decide in this world? The most intelligent people? Which kind of intelligence should they have, the rational or emotional one? Are the richest to decide behind the scenery or are there nuances? The United Nations tried to create a different mechanism, by building global governance where more voices …


Forum Theatre on gender violence in Paris

For the second year we will go to the ILO International Training Center in Paris to deepen the work on violence with the Municipality and people who work there, from the gardener to the councilors. How to recognize subtle sexism and forms of violence and how to deal with them? These are the questions we …


Forum Theatre at the Gender Academy of ITC-ILO

For the fourth edition we will run a training on gender roles and stereotypes in the Gender Academy of the International Labor Organization. What does the society impose us, as men and women, from birth, or even before? Which are the consequences on our choices, from the most intimate to the professional ones? What happens …


Training on gender violence at Waldensian Church

The Waldensian Church has decided to train new pastors on the issue of male violence. So they can consciously intervene on the issue in the communities where they work. The training will address the issue of gender stereotypes, abuse of power, psychological violence and other forms of gender-based violence. The goal is to provide tools …


Forum theatre on work with perpatrators of sexual violence in Creta

How to work on sexual violence in intimate relationships? How to raise awareness and which tools should be used to work with the perpatrators? These are the questions we will face with theatrical games and exercises. We will stage the challenges faced by the participants, who work with abusive men. This training will take place …


Forum Theatre with young perpetrators

For the third consecutive year we will stage violence with minors responsible for crimes related to gender-based violence (stalking, sexting etc.). The Ministry of Justice, with Plural Masculine Association and Tetto association, asked us to de-construct the culture that makes possible these forms of violence. We will work on situations where this culture is transmitted, …

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