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Forum theatre with young authors of violence

For the 4th year the Ministry of Justice asked us to launch a project with young offenders on gender. The goal is to undo gender and de-construct a culture of transgression, violence and agressivity that often imposes to young males, allowing participants to find out how and where they have build roles that get them …


Forum Theatre on masculinity in 7 schools

Our Forum Theatre on male identity will be performed in 7 schools in Rome, to involve children and parents in the search for new scripts, new forms of relationships between boys and girls, more open and respectful. This show stages several forms of male violence and invites the audience to try alternatives to violence. These …


Forum theatre on toxic masculinities in Tuscany

After our show on domestic violence and a training for workers of the anti-violence centre, Parteciparte goes back to Tuscany, in the Alta Val di Cecina, to keep on working on male violence. This time we will bring our show on how to be non-oppressor men, to train us to overcome toxic masculinities, to build …


Theatrical research on discriminations in 40 classes

What is discrimination according to school boys and girls? Which forms do they encounter in their daily life? How can they face them? These questions we will be raised in 10 schools in 4 cities: Rome, Genoa, Caserta and Bologna, within the project coordinated by CEFA ngo in collaboration with Lunaria, ARCI, ASUD, UISP. Our …


Forum Theatre with young perpetrators

For the third consecutive year we will stage violence with minors responsible for crimes related to gender-based violence (stalking, sexting etc.). The Ministry of Justice, with Plural Masculine Association and Tetto association, asked us to de-construct the culture that makes possible these forms of violence. We will work on situations where this culture is transmitted, …


Training on prevention of sexual abuses in Rome

A training on one of the most difficult oppressions to face with. Great experts on the issue, from Milan, will bring us the games they use to work with hundreds of classes every year, throughout Italy. We believe that complex themes can be tackled and oppression can be prevented with simple games, social metaphors and …


Forum Theater workshops on Adolescence

How to manage conflicts with teenagers or between teenagers? A series of workshops for teachers, and educators made of: cooperative games, to train ourselves to manage group and conflict dynamics; image theatre to represent the most recurring situations of conflict with adolescents; forum theatre for searching for possible, concrete and creative solutions. Participants will have …


Bullying at Como

Boys and girls will stage bullying in the city of Como and the show will be staged in a theatre on Sunday evening. Within the framework of the Bullout project, the forum theatre will be used to understand in what context bullying can start and worsen. Then we will work with the extended community, parents, …


Forum Theatre workshops in Naples

After the success of the 2 forum theatre shows with boys and girls attending the intercultural center “Officine Gomitoli”, Parteciparte returns to Naples to work with the operators of the center. How to share and express the challenges faced everyday by the work team? What tools can be used to address these problems? How to …


Bullying on stage at Local Health Unit

Sixth Forum Theatre training in Rome, funded by the ASL (Local Health Unit). This time we stage bullying and its consequences. In 4-days training a show will be created which will be then performed at schools. In this show, the audience can step in to try out strategies to overcome situations of bullying and cyberbullying. …

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