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Theatre training on greenwashing and climate change in Rome

In this experiential training we will use collective games and theatre to raise food producers’ and consumers’ awareness towards environmental issues and towards climate change mitigation. Can collective games and theatre positively impact on producers and consumers’ attitudes and motivations towards sustainable choices? An Italian pilot study, run by CREA, will provide first insights about …


Forum Theatre and CEDAW training in Bolzano

Although it is a powerful instrument, CEDAW often remains a mysterious acronym. How can we effectively use it in our daily life, work and activism? How Forum Theatre can be matched with CEDAW to achieve gender equality and strengthen women’s rights? This workshop will offer the opportunity to experience how Forum Theatre can make CEDAW …


Legislative theatre in Geneva

How to connect popular needs and desires with institutions? How to stage the oppressions experienced by women and then transform them into political proposals to be presented to governments and the United Nations? For the fourth consecutive year, Parteciparte will conduct a workshop in Geneva within the international training “Training on Women’s Human Rights Advocacy”, …


Changing scripts and politics in Geneva

Our training on gender relations will be run for the third time in Geneva. Participants from all over the world will stage the gender roles which are tought to be too strict. We will work collectively on how to change these situations and these oppressive roles. Moreover, we will define the policies to be implemented …


Amore Mio’s Tour in Naples

Our forum Theatre performance about gender based violence that has been performed 59 times will Tour again in Naples in December. All the people involved on the issue, from women shelters to police officers, social workers and citizens, all will have an opportunity to try some actions in a protected framework, so they can become …


“52: one number many ways” at London School of Economics

PartecipArte stages “52: one number many ways”, a theatrical PowerPoint showing, with human slides and living statues, the different ways to approach gender equality and the current situation of gender equality in European Union. Inspired by the Gender Equality Index 2015 Report, the theatrical PowerPoint highlights how men and women are assigned different responsibilities, rights, benefits and opportunities in …


Workshop on Forum Theatre and CEDAW to address gender violence

What is the difference between a neutral policy and gender-based policy? How can we prevent new measures or legislative changes from creating discrimination between men and women? How can we contribute to the development of effective policies to constrast gender-based violence, starting from the origins of the problem rather than the consequences? These are some …


Legislative Theatre at the ITC-ILO in Turin

The UN’s International Training Center of the ILO has decided to launch a Campaign on Harassment using the Theatre of the Oppressed. The goal of this Campaign is to bring together all the Staff of the campus in order to define together all the issues that have to be tackled and the best procedures to …


Follow up in Mogadishu

After the training in Mogadishu on the use of the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) and after the creation of a performance on the link between masculine identity and violence in Somalia, now this trip is aimed at dealing with the challenges faced by the first Somali TO group during its first tour in the capital. …


Juvenile justice on stage in Rome

Save the Children and an the National Organization of Lawyers has asked us to bring on stage the problems youngsters meet when they have to face Justice. From arrest to process, relations with the family, their new lives, what should be changed urgently? This is what we will try to find out through theatre from December to …