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Forum theatre workshops with women in Apulia

In these workshops we will explore – in a collective and enjoyable way – the most widespread and common problems of women, within and beyond geographical and cultural origins. Using simple theatrical techniques, the workshops will allow us to tell experiences and emotions with our bodies, without exposing ourselves. No words will be used. We …


Workshop of forum and shadow theatre

What is masculine and feminine in our bodies? To what extent is this distinction biological or social? If our bodies could freely move in a safe space, what would they say? What gestures and movements would they make? Shadow theatre will allow to gradually discover the essence of our bodies and “highlight” desires and conditionings …


Training for male political leaders in Rome

This training on inclusive leadership aims at engaging male political leaders as transformative agents of change for gender equality. Forum theatre allows participants to recognize the impact of gender norms not only on the lives of women but on their own lives as well. How fewer women in politics affect public policies and the economy? …


Training on theatre of the oppressed in Florence

CAM Florence was the first Italian organization working with men who perpetrated violence against women. In 2009, after years of patient work with abusers, national and international networks were created with people working with perpetrators, a tough job. How can theatre of the oppressed contribute to this work? Since 2013 Parteciparte has been specializing in …


Forum Theatre on maculinities in Tuscany region

After the forum theatre on male violence and a training for the anti-violence centre practitioners, Parteciparte goes back to Tuscany to keep on working on male violence. This time we will play our forum theatre on masculinity. We will train ourselves to overcome toxic masculinities, build relationships based on freedom, reciprocity and consent. In collaboration …


Changing scripts, workshops in Apulia Region

Often we end up trapped in rigid and externally imposed roles. We end up playing old scripts that push us into problematic behavior. Where do these roles and scripts come from? How can we change them if they oppress us? When scripts come from social norms, transmitted by family, school and the whole society, we …


Forum theatre with young authors of violence

For the 4th year the Ministry of Justice asked us to launch a project with young offenders on gender. The goal is to undo gender and de-construct a culture of transgression, violence and agressivity that often imposes to young males, allowing participants to find out how and where they have build roles that get them …


Forum Theatre on masculinity in 7 schools

Our Forum Theatre on male identity will be performed in 7 schools in Rome, to involve children and parents in the search for new scripts, new forms of relationships between boys and girls, more open and respectful. This show stages several forms of male violence and invites the audience to try alternatives to violence. These …


Forum Theatre and CEDAW training in Bolzano

Although it is a powerful instrument, CEDAW often remains a mysterious acronym. How can we effectively use it in our daily life, work and activism? How Forum Theatre can be matched with CEDAW to achieve gender equality and strengthen women’s rights? This workshop will offer the opportunity to experience how Forum Theatre can make CEDAW …


Forum theatre on toxic masculinities in Tuscany

After our show on domestic violence and a training for workers of the anti-violence centre, Parteciparte goes back to Tuscany, in the Alta Val di Cecina, to keep on working on male violence. This time we will bring our show on how to be non-oppressor men, to train us to overcome toxic masculinities, to build …

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