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Festival of Collective Arts

Parteciparte will organize a Festival of Collective Arts Contamination of Arts, Pedagogies, practices enabling to create collectivity. The festival will bring together people and techniques that allow to tackle tough oppressions, to overcome injustice and division, to create anew strong communities, united and creative. The Saturday will be dedicated to workshops on relationships, desires and …


Forum theatre on toxic masculinities in Tuscany

After our show on domestic violence and a training for workers of the anti-violence centre, Parteciparte goes back to Tuscany, in the Alta Val di Cecina, to keep on working on male violence. This time we will bring our show on how to be non-oppressor men, to train us to overcome toxic masculinities, to build …


Facilitation training on restorative justice in Como

After the story of the Baby Gang that upset everybody in Como, we worked with some social services and some of the boys involved in the story too. A nice forum theatre was created and a research on restorative justice was started. How to go beyond punishment and understand what happened? How it happened that …


Forum Theatre on lesbophobia (Perugia)

Which words and attitudes can offend non-heterosexual people and force them to be invisible? Can we create a culture where coming out is no longer scary? With this forum theatre show we want to explore these questions and train ourselves to face, in a pleasant way, different situations of lesophophobia, from the most latent to …


Forum Theatre on domestic violence in Rome

Which are the warning signs that a woman is being mistreated by her partner? How can we help her? Which attitudes are likely to make things worse and which ones can help her to talk about it? We will explore these questions with our forum theatre “Amore mio”, on violence in intimate relationships, within the …


Changins scripts, Forum Theatre at Bari

Which male and female models are imposed us from birth, or even before? How much do they impact on our behaviors and choices? Can we release from them to fully realize ourselves and live our relationships better? Through games and exercises, accessible to all, we will stage the problematic situations we experience between women and …


Forum Theatre on male violence in schools

Parteciparte returns to Bologna to celebrate in the schools the 25th November, the International Day against Violence against Women, staging “My Love – When does a relationship become dangerous?” We will start from this question to run a creative research with boys, girls and teachers on which are the first alarm bells to recognize a …


Training on gender violence at Waldensian Church

The Waldensian Church has decided to train new pastors on the issue of male violence. So they can consciously intervene on the issue in the communities where they work. The training will address the issue of gender stereotypes, abuse of power, psychological violence and other forms of gender-based violence. The goal is to provide tools …


Forum Theatre and extremism in Tunisia

In the framework of a project on Extremism, Parteciparte was invited by the African network of Theatre of the Oppressed to participate in a week of shows, workshops and trainings on extremism, along with Hosni Almoukhlis from Morocco, Mouhamadou Diol from Senegal and Ayoub Jaouadi from Tunisia, 3 great activists very active in their country. …


Tuscany Tour of the Forum Theatre on Gender based violence

Our Forum Theatre on violence in intimate relationships arrives in Pisa (Tuscany), thanks to the project of New Masculine association, Men free from violence. What can we do when we fear that our friend is living a dangerous relationship? What can we do when we understand that a friend has violent behaviors with his partner? …

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