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Festival of Collective Arts

Parteciparte will organize a Festival of Collective Arts Contamination of Arts, Pedagogies, practices enabling to create collectivity. The festival will bring together people and techniques that allow to tackle tough oppressions, to overcome injustice and division, to create anew strong communities, united and creative. The Saturday will be dedicated to workshops on relationships, desires and …


Forum Theatre on masculinity in 7 schools

Our Forum Theatre on male identity will be performed in 7 schools in Rome, to involve children and parents in the search for new scripts, new forms of relationships between boys and girls, more open and respectful. This show stages several forms of male violence and invites the audience to try alternatives to violence. These …


Forum Theatre on Power at FAO

Who has the power to make and decide in this world? The most intelligent people? Which kind of intelligence should they have, the rational or emotional one? Are the richest to decide behind the scenery or are there nuances? The United Nations tried to create a different mechanism, by building global governance where more voices …


Theatrical research on discriminations in 40 classes

What is discrimination according to school boys and girls? Which forms do they encounter in their daily life? How can they face them? These questions we will be raised in 10 schools in 4 cities: Rome, Genoa, Caserta and Bologna, within the project coordinated by CEFA ngo in collaboration with Lunaria, ARCI, ASUD, UISP. Our …


Forum Theatre and extremism in Tunisia

In the framework of a project on Extremism, Parteciparte was invited by the African network of Theatre of the Oppressed to participate in a week of shows, workshops and trainings on extremism, along with Hosni Almoukhlis from Morocco, Mouhamadou Diol from Senegal and Ayoub Jaouadi from Tunisia, 3 great activists very active in their country. …


In the grey zones of consensus, Forum Theatre at United Nations

For the fourth consecutive year, the World Food Program in Rome asked us about training on harassment and consensus, at work but also in everyday life. We will use Forum Theater to explore the grey areas of consensus, the moments when a woman is not able or cannot say NO to a person who harasses her. …


We are the difference, Forum Theatre with perpetrators of violent crimes

The work with male perpetrators of violence against women starts again with Maschile Plurale. The aim of this project is to bring out the existence of forced, non-spontaneous models, sometimes unknowingly imposed by media, families and socio-cultural backgrounds. We want to start a reflection that, increasing awareness, can bring changes in attitudes and reduce the …


Changing scripts and politics in Geneva

Our training on gender relations will be run for the third time in Geneva. Participants from all over the world will stage the gender roles which are tought to be too strict. We will work collectively on how to change these situations and these oppressive roles. Moreover, we will define the policies to be implemented …


Changing scripts: itinerant training on gender roles in Sardinia

We will stage the scripts that we often plays as men and women in our daily life. Exploring the squares, the streets and the situations of the city, we will interact with the citizens to question these scripts and their oppressive dimension. Collectively we will try to create new roles that are no longer based …


Forum Theatre on gender based violence in Sassari

We keep performing “Amore mio”, our forum theatre on intimate partner violence. In Sassari there will be the 66th performance of this show on how to create healthy relationships, based on mutual consensus and pleasure of being together. Starting from a story of violence, the audience can step in and try to help a woman …

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