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Workshops on education for parents and teachers in Rome

A forum theatre workshop aimed at staging and tackling the educational challenges in family and at school. Games, exercises and simple theatrical techniques, accessible to everyone, will allow to stage problematic situations faced by parents, teachers, educators. Together we will start a playful and creative research of possible strategies engaging social workers, educational and health …


Forum Theatre on masculinity in 7 schools

Our Forum Theatre on male identity will be performed in 7 schools in Rome, to involve children and parents in the search for new scripts, new forms of relationships between boys and girls, more open and respectful. This show stages several forms of male violence and invites the audience to try alternatives to violence. These …


Forum Theatre on male violence in schools

Parteciparte returns to Bologna to celebrate in the schools the 25th November, the International Day against Violence against Women, staging “My Love – When does a relationship become dangerous?” We will start from this question to run a creative research with boys, girls and teachers on which are the first alarm bells to recognize a …


Theatrical research on discriminations in 40 classes

What is discrimination according to school boys and girls? Which forms do they encounter in their daily life? How can they face them? These questions we will be raised in 10 schools in 4 cities: Rome, Genoa, Caserta and Bologna, within the project coordinated by CEFA ngo in collaboration with Lunaria, ARCI, ASUD, UISP. Our …


Training on prevention of sexual abuses in Rome

A training on one of the most difficult oppressions to face with. Great experts on the issue, from Milan, will bring us the games they use to work with hundreds of classes every year, throughout Italy. We believe that complex themes can be tackled and oppression can be prevented with simple games, social metaphors and …


When videogames become an addiction

Our phones, tablets and computers are always with us. Videogames becomes more and more portable and children are starting to use tablets and cell phones always before. We should not be surprised that technology and games addiction are closely connected, generating serious problems. When does the problem start? How does the addiction start? Which are …


Bullying at Como

Boys and girls will stage bullying in the city of Como and the show will be staged in a theatre on Sunday evening. Within the framework of the Bullout project, the forum theatre will be used to understand in what context bullying can start and worsen. Then we will work with the extended community, parents, …


Workshops on gender stereotypes for teachers and parents

What gender prejudices and stereotypes have we unconsciously interiorized? How can we avoid transmitting them to younger generations? Can we share the challenges of education in a fun way? These forum theatre workshops want to offer teachers and parents a pleasant space in which to share and face the challenges of education collectively. With simple …


Workshop on bullying

What is the difference between conflict and bullying? Who acts bullying and who suffers it? How can we tackle it in a collective way? What are the comments and attitudes that are likely to make the situation worse? In this forum theater workshop we will explore these and other questions with the minors of the …


Bullying: light and shadow

The workshop will take the students through several cooperative games, illusions and representations with shadows in order to understand the origins and the different forms of bullying. The images of shadows will bring to light problematic situations; the participatory techniques of forum theatre will allow to involve everyone in the search for possible resolution strategies …