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Theatrical research on discriminations in 40 classes

What is discrimination according to school boys and girls? Which forms do they encounter in their daily life? How can they face them? These questions we will be raised in 10 schools in 4 cities: Rome, Genoa, Caserta and Bologna, within the project coordinated by CEFA ngo in collaboration with Lunaria, ARCI, ASUD, UISP. Our …


Training on hierarchies with Christina Zoniou (Greece)

Academic expert of the Theatre of the Oppressed visiting Sapienza university and Greek activist with huge experience in political movements in Greece, Christina Zoniou will lead a training on hierarchies, movements and political organizations. The trainer worked a lot with migrants but also on the issues of racism, fascism and sexism. In this training she …


The other Stranger

Who are migrants? What are their jobs? What is their contribution to the society? Are they a cost or a benefit for our society? How are they treated? How their situations affects our lives? What can we do to change the oppressive situations that can no longer be tolerated? These are the questions explored by …