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Workshops and performances in schools on sustainable development

In March Parteciparte starts a series of theatre workshops in schools to create forum theatre shows with students and teachers. The performances will be then staged in their community to raise awareness about the big problems faced by humanity nowadays: gender injustices, climate change, global migrations, international inequalities. Students will be invited to stage the …


Training on hierarchies with Christina Zoniou (Greece)

Academic expert of the Theatre of the Oppressed visiting Sapienza university and Greek activist with huge experience in political movements in Greece, Christina Zoniou will lead a training on hierarchies, movements and political organizations. The trainer worked a lot with migrants but also on the issues of racism, fascism and sexism. In this training she …


Love and Transculture in Naples

The project with the CESPI in Naples on the relationships between sexes from different cultures starts again. This workshop, that will take place in Afragola, will investigate the oppressive relationships that may arise between men and women from the same culture and from different cultures. How can the relationship be built when there are differences, …


The other stranger

This year our training will be dedicated to the creation of a show about migrations. The training is addressed to migrants, people working or dealing with them, or more generally those people who think that the relationship between Italians and foreigners must be changed. In this training we will study how to create a performance of Theater …