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Workshops and performances in schools on sustainable development

In March Parteciparte starts a series of theatre workshops in schools to create forum theatre shows with students and teachers. The performances will be then staged in their community to raise awareness about the big problems faced by humanity nowadays: gender injustices, climate change, global migrations, international inequalities. Students will be invited to stage the …


Back to Somalia

After several trainings and performances, we’ll go back to Somalia to create a new play on women’s rights. After the big success of the Forum Theatre performance on masculinities where communities can try on stage new roles and scripts of non oppressive manhood, after the success of the Theatre of the Oppressed that has been …


Child Protection on stage in Kenya

The performances we have created last year around sexual abuses are now currently touring with the CEFA in Nairobi. This year with CISP we are going to work on Child Protection on the Coast and in Rural areas creating new performances, training new facilitators and involving those already active. The goal is to have Forum …


Staging Masculine Violence in Somalia

After several trainings and performances, we’ll go back to Somalia to run a training exclusively addressed to men. The objective is to facilitate the creation of self-awareness groups in a country where there is no state for more than 25 years and education is often limited. Hence we will use games and theatre to reflect on …


Follow up in Mogadishu

After the training in Mogadishu on the use of the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) and after the creation of a performance on the link between masculine identity and violence in Somalia, now this trip is aimed at dealing with the challenges faced by the first Somali TO group during its first tour in the capital. …