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Forum Theatre on violence and harassment in Pakistan

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Legislative theatre with young perpetrators of gender based violence in prison

How do young offenders see the juvenile justice system (JJS)? how do they see their offence? what should be done when an under 18 person commits gender based violence? These are some of the questions we will explore through games and theatrical tools to work on the problems they see in the JJS, to collect ...

Forum theatre with the ILO in Bangkok

After the beautiful Gender Academy last December we have been invited to deliver trainings and performances in Bangkok again with Better work (ILO) and its staff to work on group dynamics, power, gender, masculinity, discrimination and inclusion. We will use games and theatrical tools to explore these issues and train the trainers in order to ...

Forum Theatre on violence and harassment in Pakistan

With the ILO and Better Factories, we will be working in Karachi with artists and trainers who work in Factories, to train the trainers and create performances that will then tour with people working in the factories. We are being involved by a group of factories that involve 17.000 workers. The goal is to share ...

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