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Forum Theatre to explore Masculinities at the UN

This video shows how games and exercises allow to explore gender based oppression in people’s personal lives and then to try solutions and vote for new policies in a protected framework. It has been realized by the International Training Center of the International Labour Organization (UN).

Exploring options through Forum Theatre

This video shows how we used the Theatre of the Oppressed to collect stories and challenges people face in Tanzania. Issues of access to Water and land grabbing were staged with a gender prospective. The performances toured and proposals were collected and brought to the City Council of Dar Es Salaam who was a partner of the Project.

Forum Theatre on Gender Based Violence

This video shows our Forum Theatre performance on Gender based violence. Performed 69 times since 2011, it offers opportunities to try new strategies to tackle violence. How can we prevent and then help a women getting trapped in a violent relationship? what can we do when we know a men acting violence? We have collected all the proposals of participants and we regularly advocate for these proposals to be transformed into laws, campaigns and policies.

Forum Theatre on addiction (in Italian)

Performance created with professionals working with drug addicted persons. This performance has toured areas affected by drugs, communities where drug addicted people try to overcome their dependency and schools. The video is being shot in a Hospital in Rome.

Forum Theatre in Kenya 2006-2007