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Workshops on education for parents and teachers in Rome

A forum theatre workshop aimed at staging and tackling the educational challenges in family and at school. Games, exercises and simple theatrical techniques, accessible to everyone, will allow to stage problematic situations faced by parents, teachers, educators. Together we will start a playful and creative research of possible strategies engaging social workers, educational and health …


Facilitation training on restorative justice in Como

After the story of the Baby Gang that upset everybody in Como, we worked with some social services and some of the boys involved in the story too. A nice forum theatre was created and a research on restorative justice was started. How to go beyond punishment and understand what happened? How it happened that …


Forum Theatre on videogame addiction

In a hyper-connected society, how much does technology help or alienate us? This show, by addressing the problems related to the use of video games, offers the opportunity to investigate all the technological addictions and their consequences, not only on young people but on everyone’s social, family, school and work relationships. In the protected and …


When videogames become an addiction

Our phones, tablets and computers are always with us. Videogames becomes more and more portable and children are starting to use tablets and cell phones always before. We should not be surprised that technology and games addiction are closely connected, generating serious problems. When does the problem start? How does the addiction start? Which are …


Love and Transculture in Naples

The project with the CESPI in Naples on the relationships between sexes from different cultures starts again. This workshop, that will take place in Afragola, will investigate the oppressive relationships that may arise between men and women from the same culture and from different cultures. How can the relationship be built when there are differences, …


“52: one number many ways” at London School of Economics

PartecipArte stages “52: one number many ways”, a theatrical PowerPoint showing, with human slides and living statues, the different ways to approach gender equality and the current situation of gender equality in European Union. Inspired by the Gender Equality Index 2015 Report, the theatrical PowerPoint highlights how men and women are assigned different responsibilities, rights, benefits and opportunities in …


Forum theatre: Teddy bear

The child Filippo takes to school a teddy bear pink dressed. His classmates make fun of him. How can Filippo play with his favourite game without being tauntedby his friends nor being disapproved by the teachers and parents? What can happen if he does not respect the division between male and female? What can adults …


Forum theatre: To be or no to be MOTHER

Not to be mother: is it a choice or a sacrifice? If you want to be mother do you have to renounce to yourself? What happens if you decide not to be mother? What do you expect from society when you give birth to a child? What does the society expect from you when you …


TranSparent a Forum Theatre Festival in Rome

This year our 5th Forum Theatre Festival will tackle oppressions related to parents. People with parents who have special needs, gays not welcome in the family rituals, youngsters in trouble with their parents, many group will present their issues and we will try change collectively in order not to let all the responsibility of change on …