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Forum Theatre on gender violence in Paris

For the second year we will go to the ILO International Training Center in Paris to deepen the work on violence with the Municipality and people who work there, from the gardener to the councilors. How to recognize subtle sexism and forms of violence and how to deal with them? These are the questions we …


Forum theatre with survivors of sexual violence

How can we address the stigma of sexual violence in our own community? What is the rape culture and how can we combat it? How can forum theatre facilitate the women’s advocacy work on sexual violence at national and international level? How can it be used to shape powerful messages and advocate for effective policies? …


Theatrical research on discriminations in 40 classes

What is discrimination according to school boys and girls? Which forms do they encounter in their daily life? How can they face them? These questions we will be raised in 10 schools in 4 cities: Rome, Genoa, Caserta and Bologna, within the project coordinated by CEFA ngo in collaboration with Lunaria, ARCI, ASUD, UISP. Our …


Forum Theatre at the Gender Academy of ITC-ILO

For the fourth edition we will run a training on gender roles and stereotypes in the Gender Academy of the International Labor Organization. What does the society impose us, as men and women, from birth, or even before? Which are the consequences on our choices, from the most intimate to the professional ones? What happens …


Legislative theatre in Geneva

How to connect popular needs and desires with institutions? How to stage the oppressions experienced by women and then transform them into political proposals to be presented to governments and the United Nations? For the fourth consecutive year, Parteciparte will conduct a workshop in Geneva within the international training “Training on Women’s Human Rights Advocacy”, …


Forum theatre on work with perpatrators of sexual violence in Creta

How to work on sexual violence in intimate relationships? How to raise awareness and which tools should be used to work with the perpatrators? These are the questions we will face with theatrical games and exercises. We will stage the challenges faced by the participants, who work with abusive men. This training will take place …


Forum Theatre workshop on Disability

What are the prejudices related to disability still to be disrupted? How can we make our society more inclusive and welcoming, so that everyone can satisfy his/her needs? A Forum Theatre workshop to share, in a simple and pleasant way, the everyday life and the challenges faced by people with disabilities and who lives with …


Workshop on bullying

What is the difference between conflict and bullying? Who acts bullying and who suffers it? How can we tackle it in a collective way? What are the comments and attitudes that are likely to make the situation worse? In this forum theater workshop we will explore these and other questions with the minors of the …


Bullying: light and shadow

The workshop will take the students through several cooperative games, illusions and representations with shadows in order to understand the origins and the different forms of bullying. The images of shadows will bring to light problematic situations; the participatory techniques of forum theatre will allow to involve everyone in the search for possible resolution strategies …

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