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Forum Theatre on gender based violence in Sassari

We keep performing “Amore mio”, our forum theatre on intimate partner violence. In Sassari there will be the 66th performance of this show on how to create healthy relationships, based on mutual consensus and pleasure of being together. Starting from a story of violence, the audience can step in and try to help a woman …


Forum theatre on gender based violence at high schools

Our forum theatre “Amore mio – When does a relationship become dangerous?” at high schools, in Rome. How can we determine if a relationship is dangerous? Who is the violent man? How do we behave with a guy we have discovered to be possessive and violent? How and when can you help a friend who …


Amore mio in Ascoli Piceno

52° performance of our forum theatre on male violence against women, where the audience can step in and try to change the story. This day we will work with the local antiviolence centre “Woman with you” and the local network, with 2 performances, one in the morning and the other one in the evening.  


Amore mio at school

In Rome 2 performances of our Forum Theatre on gender based violence will be played for girls and boys. How can we identify a dangerous relation? How can we support a woman who lives this relation? These are the questions the audience can tackle on stage, testing several strategies and solutions.  


Amore Mio, Forum Theatre

Amore Mio for the 46th time will give the opportunity to an audience of Italians and asylum seekers to tackle gender based violence. What does violence tells us about masculinity? How can we free ourselves from a culture of domination and abuse of power? How come newspapers talk only about it if a foreigner is …