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Workshops on gender stereotypes for teachers and parents

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Workshops on gender stereotypes for teachers and parents

30/03/2019 - 13/04/2019

What gender prejudices and stereotypes have we unconsciously interiorized? How can we avoid transmitting them to younger generations? Can we share the challenges of education in a fun way?

These forum theatre workshops want to offer teachers and parents a pleasant space in which to share and face the challenges of education collectively.

With simple games and theatrical techniques, accessible to all, we will have fun staging the difficult situations we live in everyday life, we will analyze them together, comparing our experiences, and we will train ourselves to change them creatively. Each participant can try out strategies, discovering errors, difficulties, limits but also new possibilities. After that, we will discuss together which are the most effective strategies and how to implement them in everyday life.

We will investigate in particular which cultural models society, social networks and media offer to young people and what are the consequences on their bodies, choices and affective relationships. We will identify which tools we have to support their growth, to manage conflicts and to allow them to have as many options of choice as possible in different areas of life. The collective work will foster a synergic work between teachers and families.

The workshops will take place in the province of Bologna.

For more information call to +39 334 9387747 or write to parteciparte@gmail.com