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Did you know there is a theatrical methodology allowing to vote a City Budget, a new Law or some Infrastructures, all this in a very creative and participatory way?
Discover a Methodology we use to collectively tackle the issues of the community and change unacceptable situations.

The Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) is a set of games and theatrical tools allowing to bring on stage some common oppressive situations. Those are explored through theatre and collective intelligence. Then we try together the changes we would like to happen.

All the tools of the Theatre of the Oppressed are twofold. They allow to

  • Identify an oppressive situation
  • Try change in a protected framework

On the Theatre of the Oppressed page you can find details about all the techniques. In our DISCOVER section you can also find many materials: Texts, Scenes, Videos, O’press our newspaper reporting audience’s participation, many Links also, Books recommendation etc.