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PartecipArte is a theatre of the oppressed company promoting transformative arts to trigger social and political change. We are based in Rome but currently work in many countries.

We tour performances around risky issues in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to rehearse change before acting it.

We collect the proposals that come from the audience during our performances/workshops and trainings. We thus advocate for these policies and solutions at an Institutional level.
We have organized 6 Festivals around specific issues in order to explore new innovative methodologies and to bring attention on an oppression and tackle it through collective intelligence.

We work with communities, youngsters, women, men, migrants, detainees etc. and also with who works with them: Schools, Universities, Hospitals, prisons, NGO’s, research centers.

We also work with International Institutions such as the United Nations (International Labour Organization- International Training Center- WorldFood Program) or European Union Agency (European Institute for Gender Equality).

Parteciparte was founded in 2009 by Olivier Malcor, a French Dutch philosopher and street performer who stages violence around the world since 20 years. He started in the french suburbs of Paris and Marseille but soon went to work, learn and practice in USA (1999-2000), Latin America (2001-2003) and Africa (2005-2007). In all the places he bets on the wonders collective intelligence and creativity can do.

Claudia Signoretti started to collaborate from 2009. As a facilitator, as a project manager but also as an activist for women’s rights and as a specialist of the international conventions such as the CEDAW, the Istanbul Convention, the Beijing Platform for Action etc. Since 2017 she works full time for Parteciparte.

Many others are bringing very strong contribution and competences. Rosa Martino a psychologist works regularly with us on gender based violence since 2012.

Lorenzo Macchi since 2014 brings a strong contribution on education and pedagogy.

Mohamed Harmouche, Valentina Di Odoardo, Paolo Crisi, Fabrizio SfornaStefano Boni, Valentina Canu and many other are constantly stimulating the group with their expertise and their practices.