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Parteciparte works in network with different organizations and people engaged on human rights, promoting sharing and discussion on specific issues, connections and the creation of a community of people.

In particular we are very connected to:

Maschile Plurale: Group of associations of men committed to ending the patriarchal model, in favor of open, plural and positive masculinities.
LeNove: Association of very experienced researchers on the issues of violence against women, gender gaps in the labour market, and work/life balance.

Important references for our work are:

CISMAI: Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuses
– “CEDAW: Works in progress“: the Italian civil society Platform that promotes the CEDAW Convention as a tool for the advancement of women’s rights in Italy and in the world
Educating for Differences: a bottom-up initiative to support public and secular School and to promote an education based on difference as a value and a resource, not as a problem or a threat.

Over the years we have collaborated with:

ASL RMA Roma Centro, SERT e DSM dell’ASL RMH e RMF
BEFREE Cooperative
CIES – Center for Development Education and Information
CIRPS – Interuniversity Research Center on Sustainable Development
CISP – International Committee for the Development of Peoples
Dedalus Cooperative
The Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts Department at Roma Tre University
EIGE – European Institute for Gender Equality
FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization
Pangea Foundation
G.U.S. Human Solidarity Group Salento
ITC-ILO – International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization
Le Kassandre
Le Smamme
Lucha y Siesta
Research and Cooperation NGO
Save the Children
WFP – World Food Programme