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Groups around the world

Parteciparte has created and/or collaborated with various groups in the world.

If you work in Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, France, Greece, Turkey, we strongly advise you to meet them and, if you can, to collaborate with them.

We can also give you information and advice for other countries.


Dar Creators (formerly Club Waso) is a group of exceptional dancers and musicians, now very experienced in the use of the Theatre of the Oppressed. They performed dozens of shows in the streets and squares of the capital Dar Es Salaam, where they live, but they also work in the rest of the country.

They regularly play performances on:

Land Rights
Water Rights
Rights of the Albine people
Rights of Persons with disabilities
Rights of street children
The violence in the electoral periods.

Several videos of their shows are available. Do not hesitate to contact them directly: darcreators@gmail.com, or through CEFA, which supports them in logistics and in relationships with non-Swahili speakers: cefatanzania@gmail.com


We work regularly with some French companies that we highly recommend.

Marseille and its surrondings:

The Planning Familial performs hundreds of shows of Forum Theater and Invisible Theater every year, during events, conferences, in schools, in neighborhoods, in protests. Thanks to them we have learned the art of linking a method to a political purpose. They often look for actors and actresses of Forum Theatre to work in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Marseille.

Réseau Santé Social Jeunesse de la Ciotat does a 360-degree work on sexual and reproductive health, violence and the well-being of young people in disadvantaged areas.

There are many other organizations in Marseille, if you need more contacts ask us.


How not to mention the mythical NAJE Company that has been using the TO for 30 years in the best political struggles and throughout the French territory. We invited Fabienne Brugel in 2014 and we will certainly re-invite her in the coming years. NAJE runs lots of activities in and around Paris. Do not miss their big annual creation on a theme that they then commit to throughout the year, inviting people from all over France (often up to 70 people on stage) and the greatest experts on the chosen issue.


dashte barchee 2

AHRDO uses theatre to create spaces for dialogue, peace-building and participation, thus offering the Afghan people opportunities to turn fear into friendship, disappointment into hope, hesitation into action, individual efforts into group power, and building together a peaceful, fair and democratic society.

In 2012 with AHRDO we started a program of theatre of (women) oppressed, together with Pangea Foundation, to work on domestic violence with women living in the suburbs of Kabul.

To contact them you can write to: info@ahrdo.org or visit their website: http://ahrdo.org


In Kenya we collaborated with CEFA, which uses the TO for the protection of minors and the rights of prisoners a lot.

With them we created 3 shows on abuses in schools and prisons and the exploitation of children in housework.

These shows are connected to the splendid systemic work that CEFA carries out all over Kenya, in prisons and in many structures of the judiciary and juvenile justice system.

Do not hesitate to contact them.


Greece has an impressive theatre and education network. The theatre in schools is now curricular. It is used to teach literacy, mathematics or history.

This network uses the Theatre of the Oppressed, among others, in Athens, and meets every year in August, offering high quality trainings.

To follow the volunteer network or participate in this Greek meeting, visit: http://www.theatroedu.gr


In Istanbul, Jale Karabekir created a Center for the Theatre of the Oppressed, very committed to the Kurdish question and the Rights of Women.

We invited Jale for a training at the Theatre of the Oppressed festival that we organized in 2012.

It was an inspiring training!